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Free Flash Video Poker - Aces & Faces

The above free Aces and Faces video poker game was provided to us by River Belle Online Casino. You can visit them to download there casino and play a much wider range of video poker games in both free play mode or for real money.

Aces and Faces Video Poker
Video poker is really a very simple game to play and doesn’t require much strategy; however we have looked for some tips that could potentially help you gain a better hand through common sense and playing poker. With Aces and Faces video poker you have slightly different rules than in a table game for poker, which is why your strategy is going to change. Aces and Faces is a variation of Jacks or Better video Poker

In video poker it is you against the machine. The machine has a random computer programme which allows the computer to shuffle the draw each and every time. It is impossible to guess a pattern in the Aces and Faces video poker. In a normal game you would whittle down the 52- card deck until you needed to reshuffle. In video poker the machine reshuffles the deck after every play. The card counting method doesn’t work for video poker.

What does work instead is knowing the hands that you can potentially get for the win. In Aces and Faces you need to have at least a pair of jacks or better in order to get even money. The Royal Flush is going to pay out the best, but it is also the hardest hand to obtain.

 When you have a pair in your hand, but it is not jacks or better you might want to exchange all five cards.

 The only way you would not exchange all five cards in the hand above is if three or four of the cards could give you the potential royal flush.

 To earn the jackpot in Aces and Faces you need to play the max five coins. This allows for the 4,000 coin return on a royal flush.

 If you have a winning hand such as a pair of jacks, two pair, or a higher winning hand keep the hand- Don’t sacrifice it to try for the royal flush. The odds are against you.

 If you have three of a kind don’t sacrifice the win, but exchange two cards to try for a four of a kind.
As long as you remember this strategy you should be able to get through the game with success rather than failure.

We also have a free multi-hand Aces and Faces that might also be of interest to you. Or see our whole range of free video poker options.


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