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Free Flash Video Poker - Louisiana Double

The above free Louisanna Double video poker game was provided to us by River Belle Online Casino. You can visit them to download there casino and play a much wider range of video poker games in both free play mode or for real money.

Louisiana Double Strategy
In Louisiana Double you have a 53 card deck. Normally you would play with 52 cards in poker, but you have the double card that allows for better winnings during certain times in the game. We will look at that in a bit. For now Louisiana Double is based on a Jacks or Better. This means you need to have at least a pair of jacks to get a payout. If during this pair you get the special double card your winnings or payout will be double. The double will only occur on Jacks or Better, Three of a Kind or Four of a Kind.

Now that you know a little bit about the game, below is some strategy for play.

 First if you have a winning hand such as jacks or better never break that hand up. You can always take the second draw, but hold the winning pair. You may be able to get the double card or a three of a kind. The chances are minimal which is why keep the winning hand is imperative.

 If you don’t have a winning hand, but have four cards to a royal flush keep the four cards and draw for a fifth.

 The same strategy above will apply for three cards to a royal flush. Go for it if you don’t have any other option. Remember to always play the max coin acceptance in order to get the best winnings in the game for a royal flush in case you get the winner.

 If you don’t have a pair that will win you have two options. Keep the pair and try for the three of a kind or two pair or scrap the pair and keep the higher card. Most strategy will tell you to keep the pair; however you have better odds for keeping a jack and trying for a pair than getting the three of a kind for the win. That is of course if you have a jack or better to keep for a winning pair.

The strategy is not fool proof and there are moves you can change. Just remember the double card offers more winnings for certain hands so always keep that card when it comes up.

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