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Free Flash Video Poker - Tens or Better

The above free Tens or Better video poker game was provided to us by River Belle Online Casino. You can visit them to download there casino and play a much wider range of video poker games in both free play mode or for real money.

Tens or Better Strategy
Tens or Better Video Poker can be one of the best games to play. In fact it is similar to Jacks or Better with one great difference. In Tens or Better you can have a pair of tens for an even money win. In Jacks or Better you must have a pair of Jacks for even money. Tens or Better gives you one more low hand to win by. Tens don’t come up with any more frequency, but again it gives one more chance at winning that you didn’t have before. This is the game to always play as the odds are better. One reason many don’t choose the game is the lower payouts on the pairs, three of a kinds, and four of a kinds. However, if you win with more frequency that is a better strategy is it not?

So what else can you do in strategy to win with more frequency? Well any video poker game is a random computer program meaning you can’t win a hundred percent of the time. When you know that you are a step ahead, just keep remembering it. Instead play wisely to win. If the winning hand is there keep that hand, don’t try for a higher hand by scraping the win. For example say you have a pair of tens and three cards for a royal flush. Keep the tens forget about the high payout on the royal flush.

If you have no pair and four cards to a royal flush then go for it. You don’t have a winning hand, which means you are in the same position whether you keep four cards and get a fifth or keep one card. At least with the four cards you have a chance for the royal flush whereas one card may or may not yield the winning pair.

If you have nothing for a royal flush and no pair, keep the highest card of the five. For example if you have a three, six, nine, jack, Ace. Keep the ace. This could yield the winning hand. You could also keep the jack for a pair and win. You might even try keeping both the ace and jack to try for a pair on either, but this lessens the odds.

We also have a free multi-hand Tens or Better that might also be of interest to you. Or see our whole range of free video poker options.

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